Sunday Times: Bible Study at 9:15am | Worship at 10:30am

Coronavirus Update

Due to the limitations and restrictions during this time, the Staff and Deacons have decided to initially reopen with worship service with No Children’s Church, Nursery, or Sunday School. Our target date for reopening is May 24. However, given the unpredictability of this virus and daily updates from officials, things could change tomorrow.

To meet the restrictions and stay safe, we will need to:

  1. Spread out throughout the worship center. Pews will be marked, and some roped off, to keep people at a safe distance.

  2. Thoroughly clean the entire facility between Sundays. Some parts of the building will be closed so as not to require additional cleaning.

  1. Require everyone to wear a mask. (You will need to bring your own mask)

  2. We will post signs on the door for everyone to read before entering the church, questions related to COVID-19 Symptoms. (If you have any symptoms, you will not be able to enter.)

  3. The offering will continue to be received online through our website and by mail. For those attending the service, there will be a location set up for you to drop off your offering.

We ask that if you are in the High Risk Group listed by the CDC, to please remain at home at this time. We love you and do not want you to risk being infected with this virus. The High-Risk group would include, but not be limited to, people: 

●  65 yrs of age or older

●  with chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma

●  with serious heart conditions

●  who are immunocompromised

●  with diabetes

●  with chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis

●  with liver disease

Please continue to worship together as a family via EPB 6 and online. Photos of you and your family worshipping from home are encouraging. Please send them to us via, text, email, or Facebook.

 Lastly, we thank you so much for your prayers and your patience during this difficult time.

Your Staff and Deacons