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Give Online

Need a convenient way to make regular offerings or want to make an additional gift? Simply click the Make a Donation button and give. You can set up recurring offerings as well.

Make A Donation


Try this simple and secure way to make your offering or donation digitally!

Text any dollar amount to our unique GBC iDonate number, 859-898-2492. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The first time, you'll be directed to fill out a form with your credit or debit card information. Either manually enter your card number, or on an Apple device, conveniently use the camera feature to scan in your card information.

You can give any dollar amount that you desire. You can give at anytime from anywhere. Once you click "Donate" a confirmation message will automatically be sent to you.

We suggest saving this number to your contacts as GBC iDonate so you can remember it for future use.

So...if you want to give, follow the instructions above.